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The African World is a multi-media news organization that brings Africa to the world.  We provide original reporting, analysis, perspectives and context so that our audience understands the people and forces shaping Africa for better or worse.

We produce The African World, the premier public affairs television program about Africa in the US. It regularly features African leaders, US policy decision makers,  business executives, and heads of development and humanitarian organizations discussing pressing issues facing the Continent and bold and innovative approaches to solving those issues.

The African world television program airs bi-weekly on Sundays at 2:30 p.m. on MHz Networks, an independent public television station that broadcasts out of Falls Church, Virginia, USA.  You can find below information about the channels on which you can watch the program on MHZ, depending on who your cable provider is.

You can also watch the program, our other video productions and read our stories and analysis right here on The African World website.

How to watch The African World on MHz

Cable Provider Channel
Comcast 271
Cox 470
Verizon Fios 451
RCN 30
DirecTV 56/2183
Dish Network 8077/8084

The African World Team

Kwame Clement

Host and Managing Editor

Kwame brings tremendous journalistic experience to The African World, having served for more than ten years as a television reporter and anchor in his native Liberia.


Welma Redd

Executive Producer and Director

Welma produces award-winning documentaries in the US, churning out several attention-grabbing projects year after year.



Reginald Nosegbe

Associate ProducerReginald, a certified public accountant with years of experience in the world of business, brings a unique background in commerce and technology  to The African World.



Jestina Gray

Producer and Contributor

Jessie, an educator, for many years produced television and radio programs for women and children in Liberia where she also anchored the nightly television news.




John Lloyd

Producer and Contributor

John has served as guest analyst on African issues for major international media organizations, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and CNN.


Kwame Fitzjohn

Producer and Contributor

Fitzjohn, a one time contributor to CNN, the BBC, VOA, and West Africa Magazine, has interviewed several major personalities, including: Sierra Leoneoan President, Ernest Koroma,Nelson Mandela, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and the late Rev. Leon Sullivan.


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