Monday , 24 November 2014
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The Search for a Malaria Vaccine


Every year, malaria kills millions of people worldwide, particularly in Africa.  Far away from the killing zones of Africa, deep in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington DC, Steven Hoffman leads a bold and cutting-edge effort to develop an anti-malaria vaccine—one of the many on-going ventures in the multi-pronged fight against the killer-disease.

In this feature, The African World visits the Sanaria laboratory where Hoffman leads a team of researchers seeking to surmount the immense scientific hurdles to engineering a malaria vaccine.


How Free Health Care for Pregnant Women and Children is Making a Difference in African Countries

A concerted effort by international donor agencies and African governments to provide free basic health care for pregnant women and children is saving lives and providing useful lessons about the promise and challenge of providing free health care for the poor in the developing world.   Sierra Leone is one African country where the experiment in free health care for the most vulnerable segments of the society is taking hold and producing useful results.

Read more at the New York Times: 

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